Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well what do you know?

This week had been stressful. My daugther went away to Cyprus this weekend and the week consisted of lots of running around. In addition we went to a concert at Jones Beach to see Paramore on Friday night. The concert was great.
Dropped lyssa off at JFK on Saturday and spent the rest of the day w/my BF and her girls. I ended up staying up al night tracking my daughter flight to Germany and then onto Cyprus, I couldn't sleep til I knew she was at her destination which ended up being 7am our time. At that point why bother going to sleep? I had all intentions of going to the beach but the weather was not cooperating. It was crazy cloudy and I didn't think it would be worth the effort or $22 fee to go out and be miserable.(of course it turned out to be a great day at beach, as I was told by other friends who went :() However I digress. I actually did something creative today!! I found 1 mini lunch box in ACmoore and used Okieladybug's cut file from her blog to make this: