Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Debbie Downer be gone!

I'm tired of being a downer, so for at least the next 5 posts I promise to be upbeat. Today was good day. Work went well and I taught the "white on white" card class at scrapaholics. I came home and spent some quality time with my daughter and finally caught up on about a week's worth of emails. So, it was a good day. Last week I took a recipe book class w/Pam that I absolutely loved! I loved the book so much I made changed the orientation and make a halloween mini album using her format. I'm posting the recipe book which was done w/the cherry paper and the halloween book

Sunday, August 24, 2008

If you don't have something nice to say.....

Remember your parents telling you as a kid, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all". Well, that's kind of how I'm feeling lately. Whether it be on the home front, or the work front, I don't have anything nice to say. Work has been a real bitch this summer, if I didn't like the people I work for and with as much as I do, I really think I would have changed jobs. I really enjoy being busy and having the day fly by but lately, people are just very demanding and arrogant and basically getting on my last good nerve. By the time I get home and de-stress, I feel like my evening is wasted. Plus, I've just spent my entire Sunday from 9am to 7pm in the ER w/my Dad. Last week it was a trip to the ER for my Mom. Just depressing.

I'm hoping the upcoming week will be uneventful and calm, that's what I'm wishing for.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

August already?

I can't believe it's August, the summer is rapidly ending. So sad. I'm such a summer person, I really hate winter, but have, for the last few years, tried to appreciate the fall. I'm already thinking up different classes to teach at Scrapaholics once September rolls in. I do love Halloween, so maybe both a paper bag album and an altered CD Album with a halloween theme would work. I'll have whip some up as class samples and see if there's any interest. I received my Storybook cartridge for Cricut and I can't wait to use it, but have become so computer dependent, I'm not even going to try until Provocraft has updated their software. I have a criss cross card class going on over at Scrapaholics tomorrow plus it's my parents 51st wedding anniversary. I'll be taking them out for dinner to celebrate. I make reservations at an italian restaurant at Atlas Park in Glendale, hopefully it will be good.