Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back from CKC

I'm back from CKC and exhausted!!!!!! The Marriot hotel at the convention center was really nice. It had a Starbucks, sit-down restaurant and bar, I was happy!
CKC had some awesome deals on past kits and products, but I restained myself! There were only about 49 vendors which I was suprised, I would have thought with an organization like CK, there would have been more.

I took two classes, one withTechnique tuesday which was amazing!!!! I will post a pictures of the layout when I did it out. The other class was by CKC called Flocked and Fabulous. It was a good class because now I see how easy it is to use.

I was able to get the cricut deep blade housing and the tinkerbell cartridge, so I was super excited about that. I can't wait to make Tink.

Friday night's crop was chaotic. There was an annoucer the WHOLE time talking throughout the night, it was so distracting, I was ready to scream. Granted they were calling names and giving out prizes, but jeeesh it was non-stop. During the night, various vendors came out for limited amouts of time w/specials. It was like vultures picking apart a dead carcass. Unbelievable!!!

Saturday's crops was a little low more low keyed, less prizes and less talking. Some vendors didn't want to pack up some merchandise so they left it for the croppers which was kind of cool. I ended up coming back w/two full bags of stuff, between what I bought and received at the crops.

I would definitely do it again and make a weekend out of it, but would skip the Friday crop and only do the saturday one. I'd rather either go into the city for a nice dinner or just crop in the room. I'm attaching a picture of Tanya and me at the bar before the crop and a pic of the hotel.