Friday, January 23, 2009


The title says it all. I'm so glad the week is over and we are getting that much closer to spring. I hate this cold icy weather and for the last 8 days the ice in my garage space is drving me nuts, it's seriously like an ice skating rink where I park. Unlike the last several weekends where I've hibernating til the work week began again, I actually have to go out both Saturday and Sunday. Plus, I'm going out tonight to dinner at a local place I've been dying to try, Vesta. Tomorrow I will be teaching the valentine circle album at scrapaholics and on Sunday, we are going to visit friends. So it will be an eventful weekend for a change. I realized that February will be here in 10 days and am looking forward to the 3 day crop I'm going to at the end of that month. Hopefully I will have lots of projects and class ideas done that I can post.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Circle Album

Here's some pictures of an album that I'm going to teach this month. It's a valentine circle abum.

Happy New Year

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm real glad to see the end of 2008. Not that anything horrible happened during the year, I'm just glad it's over. Only 15 more weeks until spring!!! That's my new countdown. Trying to stay in a non-depressed state for the rest of the winter.

I've been away from my blog for the last two months because I've become completely obsessed with all things Twilight. I'm actually a bit sorry I ever read the books. I've got a hold on myself now and have pulled myself away from the obsessive pull of the books.

So, I'm going to start of the new year w/this layout I'm going to teach at Scrapaholics.