Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm supposed to be.......

..packing for a three day crop, but here I sit on my bed with my laptop checking out the message boards and playing w/cricut's design studio. Beau and I are going for a three day on friday and while I'm super excited about 3 days of uninterrupted scrapping, the thought of packing all my toys is making me naseauos. I don't want to really buy anything while away, so I want to make sure I bring enough of everything, but that's such a daunting thought that makes me not want to start. Here's my resolution of what I would like to accomplish:
From start to finish my November 2008 trip
work on several types of cards using my new wildcard cart
start working on the cosmo cricut qvc kit I bought over a year ago
do some layouts w/old pictures that are sitting in a shoebox.

after the weekend, I'll see if I cam close to what I anted to accomplish.