Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy birthday to me

It's funny, the older the I get the longer my birthday celebrations last. It started on Saturday night visiting Carol and her family for a BBQ where after dinner she whipped out a Hagen Daaz cake. Sunday it started with another brunch at Pomme Cafe and then off to Randall's Island to see Cirque du Soleil's new show, Ovo. Sunday night my family treated me to dinner at Cara Bella on 30th Avenue and 47th Street. I enjoyed my penne alla vodka, but won't be running back anytime soon. When Monday rolled around, my actual birthday, my office had a black and white cake and lots of presents! I've had it in my head to try new places in Astoria, so I finally ventured to Bareburger on 31st Avenue. I must say was totally underwhelmed. My daughter had the burger which was just just okay, I tried the panko breaded chicken which was tough and overcooked. The fries, however, were great.

Tuesday was Spa day at Castle Spa in Whitestone with Chrissy and Carol. OMG, this place was fabulous!!! My suggestion is to go during the week, I can only imagine how crowded it is over the weekend. Can I say how much I love the bar at the pool?

Wednesday was karaoke at Mix in Astoria, no I didn't get up and sing, that will never happen, but the cosmos were awesome!!