Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bye Bye Summer

The end of summer has historically been a very depressing time for me. I hate NY winters and once September rolls around, even though the weather is still beautiful, I know what's coming. Thoughts of shoveling snow, mud, ice and slush fills my heart with despair. So, in order to help alleviate my winter blues, I'm going to do the following to get me through the fall:

September- attend the "no expo" event at Scrapaholics on the 13th and 14th

-go the Queens County Farm Fair on the 20th

- see the New Kids on the Block on the 24th @ Nassau Coliseum

- attend the scrap pink crop @ Scrapaholics on the 27th or 28th

- through the month I will also be teaching classes at Scrapaholics

October-3-5 attend CKC in Hartford CT w/Tanya

12th- do a craft fair that Tanya just signed us up for in Sunnyside

31st-my cousin's annual Halloween Party

November -2 Crop for a Cure

3-12 DISNEYWORLD, yippeee

Now that I found out I'm actually doing a craft fair, I need to move my butt into gear and starting making some cool stuff. Here's some things I've been working on, please leave feedback.