Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th-7 Years Later

I can't believe it's been seven years since the fall of the towers. As I sit here watching the History Channel which is showing footage taken by people who were in their apartments nearby and on the street, it brings back the horror of that day and all the days that followed. My family and I were lucky enough not to have lost anyone in that horrific tragedy, but all our lives changed forever after that day. As all the major TV stations had their antennas on the top of the towers, I was only able to get one station that night and for weeks to follow. I would literally be watching the news from the time I came home until 3 or 4 am, in the hopes that the police and firefighters would find survivors. I felt that as long as I was watching dilligently, there was still hope. I had really had hope for days. Had I seen the footage I'm watching now seven years ago, I don't think I would have had any hope. No one could have survived that. Before 9/11, I, like so many New Yorkers took so much for granted. Not only did our skyline change forever, so did our way of life. I will always remember and I will never forget. My prayers once again are with those that were lost and the families they left behind.