Friday, May 15, 2009

My Day Sucked

So, it's last day of vacation and I had plans of getting a hair cut, do some shopping and going to the Yankee game tonight. I got my hair cut, went to macys and got a frantic phone call from my brother that the police are in my apartment and there was a fire. Well, let me tell you, I couldn't get in my car and onto the highway fast enought to try to get home. While sitting in traffic on the LIE, my mother called from Disney absolutely frantic since the cops called her from the apartment to tell her there was fire and the poilce were in the apartment and wanted to know if she was the tenant. When she told him that she was but that her daughter and granddaughter should be there and he responded that we weren't she immediately thought that something had happened to us and since she wasn't able to get us on our cel phones, (damn the northshore and sucky towers) she was besides herself. I finally got a hold of her and assured her that we were fine and going to the apartment to see what happened. Well, the laundrymat had an electrical fire and the firemen broke through the front door and opened up every window in the apartment. thankfully we had no fire or smoke damage, just the busted door, my curtain rod was ripped off the wall, and strangley enough my favorite tinkerbell figure is broken :(
All in all we were very lucky. My next door neighbor was not as lucky, they had to blow out her windows and pull up the floorboards. She will need extensive work done on her apt. We had no electricity for several hours, but that's back now, hence my ability to write this and we will have no gas for at least a week. I don't cook, so it's doesn't matter.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's 2009

For Mother's Day I got tickets for my daughter and myself to see Mary Poppins. We first went to Becco's and had a very nice pasta meal. I wasn't crazy about their desserts, but you can't have everything. The play, however, was wonderful. Between the sets and the engery of the cast, it was a fabulous performance.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yanni @ Radio City

Saturday I went to dinner at the Palm Restaurant and had a fabulous meal with Mom, Frank & Lily. Frank and Lily wanted to treat me for a belated birthday dinner as we couldn't get together on my actual birthday which fell on Easter this year. Since we were all seeing Yanni together, we chose to go before the show. Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm a huge Yanni fan and will always get tickets to see him perform when he's in town. That being said, I was very disappointed in his new Voices endeavor. I actually liked the voices of the two men, but the two women I could definitely have done without and just heard his instrumentals. The best part of show was the encore where it was strictly Yanni. Here's the encore, I filmed it w/my camera, it starts off a little shaky but gets better.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rock of Ages

Last night, lyssa and went into the city to see Rock of Ages. It was a little campy, a little crude and a little lewd. Kinda of like me, so I enjoyed it. I loved that James Caprinello was in it. I saw him in Xanadu and thought he was totally cute. Constinatine Maroulis did a nice of Dew the aspiring wanna be rocker. I loved the lcd "lighters" that were given out to wave during the ballads. This is a picture of the what's above the stage. Tomorrow I'm off to Radio City to see Yanni.