Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How bad can a day get??

So, I wake up this morning and drag myself out of bed to go to work, even though I would have loved to stay home today. I drive 1/2 a mile on Astoria Boulevard and hit the BIGGEST pothole ever. I mean, the thing was HUGE, how in the heck did I miss it??? INeedless to say my front left tire was making some seriously sick noise so I put on my hazzard lights and headed back home to the corner gas station to get it checked out. By the time I got there the tire was flat and the hubcab didn't look so good. So, I'm thinking this is going to be an expensive morning, but as the tire gods would have it, the tire was fine and they were able to bang out the rim I mangled! So, 35 minutes later and only $15.00 poorer, I was off to work.

Now, I get to work and decide that since it was Super Tuesday at ACMoore I would volunteer to pick up lunch and go to Staples to order envelopes and mailing lables for our new offices. I get to Staples and person behind the counter:

a. doesn't speak in any audible language I can understand

b. can't type or use a computer to save her soul

So, I offer to type my information in after impatiently waiting for her to try to get through it. I then realized I forgot to get my bosses' credit card for the order and had to use mine. As it took forever to finish up in Staples, I forgo ACMoore and just get lunch and go back to the office where I realize I put the wrong suite number on all the new envelopes! So I try to call Staples and was on hold for 45 minutes for the printing dept. I hung up and kept trying to call. Finally, someone answered and I immediately asked for a manager. I explained to the manger how I was just in the store and placed the order and made a mistake. Well to make a long story short, as the order is sent electronically, it had already been typeset by the company and I'm out of luck. So, now I'm going to have to tell everyone to manually fix our suite number on all the new envelopes.! Frustrating.

And to top it off, I placed a scrapbook order which according to UPS was delivered to the mailroom yesterday. Well, the package did not find it way to me and when I spoke to the people in the mailroom , they denied knowledge of any package and insisted that anything w/my name on it was in fact delivered. Today, the package does turn up after it had been delivered to a totally different department on another floor. Now, you need to appreciate that I was on the with UPS several times yesterday and today, all for nothing.

Well, as my daughter is on her way home finally from Florida tonight, I'm hoping the evening improves!


Beau said...

What a bad day. Hope your weekend is better.